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Meet Our Board Members

Maurice Imhoff

Fund Development Chair

Research Intern | Michigan State Capitol
Northwest Community Schools | Jackson, MI

Why did you join JxnYP?

Jackson Young Professionals has made a large impact for Jackson. Seeing this, I wanted to help contribute and network with other young professionals in our community.    

Build Relationships: What is your favorite relationship you've built through JxnYP?

My favorite relationship I have built through JYP has most certainly been with all the locations we have visited during my time as a member. Being able to meet with several business owners, program directors, etc has been a unique experience.

Have Fun: If we could bring ONE new fun thing to Jackson, what would it be?

If I could bring one fun things to Jackson, it would most certainly be a Family Fun Center. This would provide a location for people of all ages (not just youth) to be able to get out and enjoy many different activities such as go karting, mini golf, throw bowling, rage room, bat cages and an arcade. 

LOVE Jackson: What do you love most about Jackson?

I love the people here in Jackson! People here in Jackson come together to make things happen. The support our community has is unlike any other. 

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Interested in Joining the Jackson Young Professionals Board? 

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