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Meet Our Board Members

Stephanie Schiro

Community Service Chair

Data Analyst & Energy Security Plan Specialist | United Way of Jackson County
Bachelor of Social Work | Spring Arbor University 

Why did you join JxnYP?

I wanted to be a part of positive changes in my hometown. I'm an extrovert so I was excited to meet other people my age.

Build Relationships: What is your favorite relationship you've built through JxnYP?

I've met so many people and developed so many friendships I don't think I can choose just one! I met my realtor who found me an awesome home, my chiropractor who takes great care of me, the list goes on!

Have Fun: If we could bring ONE new fun thing to Jackson, what would it be?

It'd have to be something for kids! Maybe a water park?

LOVE Jackson: What do you love most about Jackson?

Call me crazy, but I actually love running into people I know. Either from high school, work or JYP stuff - at almost any place I go to! I also love that people support local businesses, organizations, and events whole heartedly!


Interested in Joining the Jackson Young Professionals?

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