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Meet Our Board Members

Matt Heffernan

Social Events Chair

American 1 Credit Union
BS Business Administration | Baker College

Why did you join JxnYP?

I started working at a local bank and met Matt Parks. He got me involved in the group almost immediately and introduced me to Sean Palmer and I quickly discovered that JxnYP was a great way to build strong relationships both professionally and personally.

Build Relationships: What is your favorite relationship you've built through JxnYP?

I was very surprised at how welcoming and friendly everyone involved with JYP is. Without a doubt the best friendship I have built is with Ashley Nobert. She fits in seamlessly with my boyfriend and I and we get along like we have known each other our entire lives.

Have Fun: If we could bring ONE new fun thing to Jackson, what would it be?

For those that really know me, it doesn't come as a surprise that I love food. Something that I would love to see in Jackson would be an authentic Hungarian restaurant. Jackson has very few diverse food offerings and I think this would be something that would fit in seamlessly.

LOVE Jackson: What do you love most about Jackson?

Surprising is the word that comes to my mind when I think about what I love about Jackson. I have lived here for around ten years now and I have been so happy and shocked to see how much there really is to do here. When I have friends visit from out of town and I take them to an arcade and then an ax throwing bar, they walk away impressed. And these are just a few of the new and growing offerings that the city has to share.


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