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Meet Our Board Members

Laura Coston


Advisory & Tax Manager | Rehmann
Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, CPA
Spring Arbor University

Why did you join JxnYP?

To make connections and build relationships with young, like-minded professionals in the Jackson area.

Build Relationships: What is your favorite relationship you've built through JxnYP?

All of them!

Have Fun: If we could bring ONE new fun thing to Jackson, what would it be?

Ice cream, frozen yogurt or a bakery in Downtown Jackson that is open in the evenings and within walking distance of our amazing local restaurants for an after-dinner treat.

LOVE Jackson: What do you love most about Jackson?

I love all of Jackson's hidden gems. From great food (and donuts,) parks & trails, and many lakes. JxnYP is constantly exposing me to more and more hidden gems in Jackson. 


Interested in Joining the Jackson YoungProfessionals?

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