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Meet Our Board Members

Ashley Nobert

Membership Chair

Transportation Engineer | MDOT
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering | Lawrence Technological University

Why did you join JxnYP?

When I moved back to Jackson for my job, I realized most of my high school friends had moved away and I wanted to meet new people. What I loved most about the group is the fact that I could meet new people and become more involved in a community that I didn't really know despite growing up in the area.

Build Relationships: What is your favorite relationship you've built through JxnYP?

Although I love all of the new friends and relationships that I have gained while being in JYP, my favorite are my friendships with Matt Heffernan and Justin Cook. I met Matt and Justin at a JxnYP Large Group Meeting in December 2018 and within a few months, they became some of my favorite people! I'm so thankful to have met some amazing people over the past few years and all of the relationships and stories I have gained.

Have Fun: If we could bring ONE new fun thing to Jackson, what would it be?

Growing up I have always been interested in drive-in movie theaters. The idea of hanging out in your car or outside watching movies during the summer has always been intriguing to me. There are so many places that could be used to create a drive-in (I did a lot of research for a course in college.)

LOVE Jackson: What do you love most about Jackson?

I love that fact that Jackson has both the ability to be a big city and a small town at the same time. There truly seems to be six degrees of separation in this town. I love how Jackson has seem to come alive more and more each year that I have been back. I cannot wait to see how much more Jackson will grow in the years to come.


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